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As the broncos cheap jerseys star quarterback, last season's MVP, home of manning in Oklahoma state university "Gallagher - Iba Arena" in the face of 4250 students made a speech. Manning is 30 minutes before the speech, after 30 minutes is a question and answer session. According to the Tulsa le monde reported, manning the theme of the speech is to tell students to "the world is yours, owned and enjoy the life journey, and don't need to care about the destination." Yes, Oklahoma state university paid $105000 for manning the speech, the Tulsa die welt, it sparked heated debate in Oklahoma state university.

Oklahoma state university lecture association President Patrick alain DE accept the Tulsa le monde, said in an interview on manning of the money is worth it, but also will continue to do so. If any one cheap jerseys player is worth 6 digits, manning is one candidate.

Actually manning can teach students a lot of things, such as in the body and mind in how to face adversity, in the NFL, he is also a great leader. Perhaps, manning, after the end of his career, if he is willing to, also can enter politics, of course, he also can earn a lot of money through public speech. Statistics according to Forbes, the New York times best-selling author's speech, starting at about $5000, the highest was $40000. Elite speaker, such as the former President of the United States offers up to 6 digits. According to the Washington post revealed that Bill Clinton's speech fee $189000. Manning is a character and lively, have great personal charm, he can become one of the best in this aspect, Oklahoma state university is also willing to pay for his remuneration, asked him to make a speech of cheap jerseys.

To point out that manning in the charity is generous, his last year in this donation of more than $1 million, including contributions to Pat Summit foundation of $500000, to help alzheimer's patients.